Back from DLP and man it was great

Had a fantastic time at Disneyland Paris for 6 days .. and it was GREAT !!!

So the Highs and Lows of the trip ..

Princess Pavillion - Lovely looking BUT be prepared to wait 2 hours for princesses - the shortest time I ever saw the queue was 60 mins and that was an hour before it was due to close. It opens at 10:30am and people we queueing from 9am !!! We did wait 2 hours to see a princess, but only the once - IMO I would rather pay and have a decent meal at Auberge and see 3 or 4 princesses for 2 hours (which we did)

Disney Village - was rammed all day and night every day we were there .. waited over an hour to be served in Mc Donalds .. most other eateries had over an hours wait for a table and some were only seating people that had pre made reservations earlier on in the day - IF YOU ARE THINKING OF EATING AT CAFE MICKEY ... BOOK BEFORE YOU GO .. don't risk leaving it - we ate there on the monday and wanted to re-book for the thursday and it was FULL

Pirates being Closed - Pirates was shut the whole week - but also was the shop, the restaurant and the Captain Jack Meet and Greet .. with BTM and the Riverboats also being closed the whole area was a bit pants .. although it was failry quiet none of the little cafes were open either :/

Highs :

Staying at the DLH - the Disneyland Hotel was fantasic .. rooms were a little larger than a standard disney hotel room, we had his n hers sinks which was nice and a slightly large bathroom and a bit more storage. Our little balcony over looked the hotel garden and I could see the tower of terror from it .. we heard the screams which put a smile on my face. Breakfast is grand in the DLH, just as busy enless you get in first or at about 10am. Just being so close to the parks was worth the extra money for me - having a small person with me all day, I am going to stay there again.

Meet and Greets - DLH was super for meet and greets, and we also had some random ones - seeing rafiki outside the hakuna matata was a bonus, also tweedledum and tweedledee by the walk-way between fantasyland and discoveryland - managed to see Pinocchio at the DLH too

Character meals - we did 3 and they were all brilliant -
Auberge - we had Cinderella and Prince Charming, Suzie and Perla, Belle and Snow white - the food was superb and Emily ate a suprising amount of it.

Cafe Mickey - always brilliant fun (although expect to queue even with a reservation), we saw stitch, mickey, minnie, pluto, eeyore, goofy, geppetto, captain hook, chip and dale - we had 3 courses and spent well over 2 hours in there .. brilliant .. BUT BOOK BEFORE YOU GO or you may be disapointed.

Inventions - I love this meal - the food is amazing and the service top notch - Minnie, Mickey, Gideon, Goofy, Tigger, Eeyore and Pluto.

We had a great time, although 6 days was one day too many 5 would have been enough, we just chilled really on the last day - hit the park early - we were the first people in on the Friday morning and the first to ride peter pan went for a late breakfast, then strolled about rode star tours for the 11th time of the trip, rode the train then had a very civalised cup of tea in the Fantasia bar.

I am already planning my post Xmas trip - with Just me and Emily We would live there if we could - can't wait to go back - wonder if Disney need a WebSphere person 😉

Pictures can be found here - DLP March 2012 Gallery

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